Total Number of Flights


13 flights this month

Overall Distance Flown


7,831 miles this month

Total Hours Flown


27 hours this month

Welcome to Pacific Northwest VA!


Join the other enthusiastic pilots of Pacific Northwest VA! Our trademark is a continually changing and improving fleet of aircraft and interesting routing to great destinations! We are a growing community of pilots of varying levels of experience. You can count on our friendly staff to support your growing skill and interest in the intensive virtual aviation world. We have a complete system to track flights with vaBase ACARS and smooth integration with SimBrief, the premier flight planning software.

Being the FIRST Pacific Northwest VATSIM partner airline, we have a well-developed regional system that allows short hops and connections to the many recreational and cultural destinations from the Pacific Coast to Washington State’s Inland Empire to the Great Oregon Desert. As we develop our virtual airline partnerships with Anchor Air, we’re extending our far-reaching flight plans to Hawaii, Alaska, and the US East Coast. Join us and discover your growing potential as a complete virtual pilot! We stand ready to welcome you and support your membership on the Pacific Northwest Airlines roster.

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Dispatched Flights

Pilot Flight No. Type Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
  Kai PNW0089 Scheduled KPDX KRDM 0 0kg DH8D Dispatched
  Alexander PNW0030 Scheduled KPDX CYVR 0 0kg E175 Dispatched

Latest 10 Flights

Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO Pilot Aircraft ACARS Landing Rate
PNW624 CYEG KSEA   PNW002 B737-800X Pacific Northwe... -195fpm
PNW1296 KPSC KPDX   PNW002 FlyJSim_Q4XP Pacific Nort... -243fpm
PNW0296 KPSC KPDX   PNW001 FlightFactor A320 ultimat... -292fpm
PNW107 CYYC KSEA   PNW107 B737-800X Pacific Northwe... -128fpm
PNW624 KPDX CYYC   PNW002 B737-800X Pacific Northwe... -1,000fpm
PNW0207 KPDX CYYC   PNW4 FenixA320_PNW -244fpm
PNW0208 KPDX CYYC   PNW001 FlightFactor A320 ultimat... -231fpm
PNW107 KPDX CYYC   PNW107 B737-800X Pacific Northwe... -195fpm
PNW0229 PANC KPDX   PNW107 B737-800X Pacific Northwe... -178fpm
PNW0262 KSEA PANC   PNW107 B737-800X Pacific Northwe... -46fpm

Top 5 Landings This Week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Kenneth PNW0149 KSEA 2022-12-02 -44fpm 90%
  Kenneth PNW0262 PANC 2022-12-03 -46fpm 88%
  Kenneth PNW0302 KSFO 2022-11-29 -102fpm 88%
  Kenneth PNW107 KSEA 2022-12-04 -128fpm 84%
  Kenneth PNW0201 PAKT 2022-11-29 -177fpm 95%

Are you ready to take to the Pacific Northwest skies?