Total Number of Flights


13 flights this month

Total Distance Flown


4,848 miles this month

Overall Flight Hours


22 hours this month

Welcome to Pacific Northwest!


Welcome Aboard! Your virtual airline journey begins here! Pacific Northwest is the first airline to specialize in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States! In addition to servicing the primary cities, we also have many smaller and more regional airports within our route map. We're not only in the Pacific Northwest though, we have 30+ destination in 8 states! Our fleet is hand picked for the best quality. We check every system in our aircraft to make sure that you and the plane you are flying are created with perfection! While keeping quality in mind, we keep your budget in mind. Our aircraft cost anything from free, to $100.

In addition to all of the above, we also offer aircraft training! Need help starting up a 737? Do you need help landing smoother? Our training team is here to help! Lead by Michael Raymond, our training program is a multiple session, one-on-one program curated for you. Everything, for free! Are you ready to explore the wonderful Pacific Northwest from the skies?

Currently Dispatched Flights

Pilot Flight No. Type Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
There are no active bookings.

Flights Taken Recently

Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO Pilot Aircraft ACARS Landing Rate
PNW321 KSFO KLGB   PNW001 X-Crafts E175 -159fpm
PNW45 KLAX KLAS   PNW003 ToLiSs A319-100 -112fpm
PNW117 KPDX KRDM   PNW105 Zibo 737-800X N/A
PNW1801 KSTS KPDX   PNW001 Zibo 737-800X -284fpm
PNW116 KPDX KRDM   PNW4 ToLissA319 1.6.4 [CFM] Pa... -352fpm
PNW129 KPDX KBLI   PNW4 ToLiSs A319-100 N/A
PNW1101B KDEN KPDX   PNW002 B738 -292fpm
PNW624B KMRY KLAX   PNW002 ToLissA319_V1p6p4 Pacific... -487fpm
PNW7 KGEG KPDX   PNW002 X-Crafts E175 - Pacifi... -213fpm
PNW1103 KDEN KSFO   PNW002 Zibo 737-800X -165fpm

The Smoothest Landings This Week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Ansel PNW45 KLAS 2022-08-10 -112fpm 80%
  Alexander PNW321 KLGB 2022-08-10 -159fpm 80%
  Michael PNW7 KPDX 2022-08-04 -213fpm 86%

Are you ready to become a Pacific Northwest pilot?