Meet the team

Our Staff team is always avalible to help you and your flying needs! Our goal is to make you fly higher and higher with each and every flight you take with Pacific Northwest. Our commonplace for assistance is through our Discord server, but you can always reach out via email with the addresses listed below. Please remember that we are always here to help you! If there is anything we at PNW can do to make your experience more comfortable, reach out!

Alexander Sodha

Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for operating as the highest chair at Pacific Northwest.

Michael Raymond

Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for all operations that take place within Pacific Northwest.

Sawyer Grey

Assistant Director

Assistant to Alexander. In charge of creating liveries, changing schedules, and more.

Ansel Maina

Director of Human Resources

Ansel is in charge of the pilots flying for Pacific Northwest.

Davide Gomez

Cargo Manager

In charge of Pacific Northwest's cargo fleet and operations.

Dean Bartolome

Lead Developer

Developer for all Pacific Northwest liveries and addons.