Pacific Northwest Event Awards

At Pacific Northwest, we appreciate piloting excellence. For almost all of our events, we want to give something to help you remember the experience. That's why we introduced the Event Awards! For (almost) every event, you will recieve a special award! Good luck!

Run in the Sun Completion Award Successfully fly 4 legs to spring break destinations. Landing rate for each leg must be -500fpm or better. Performance score of 75% or better for each leg. 500 Exp Pt bonus for completion.
Go Ski! Tour Completion Award This pilot has completed 12 individual flights to the best of the west's top ski destinations. Different aircraft and conditions were presented and they completed all flights within the company criteria. Congratulations!
PNW Super Bowl Special Flight Award Complete this flight for this annual big game and 200 experience points!
Long Haul Flight Completion Awarded for Completing the Long Haul Featured Flight according to the set criteria. 400 Experience Points will be added to your profile account. Congratulations!
Continental Flight Completion For completing the designated Continental Featured Flight. 200 Experience Points will be added to your profile. Congratulations!
Happy Birthday PNW! Thank you for flying with us on our second birthday!!! Here's a gift of appreciation from the CEO for your continued support!
We Love Golf Tour Award Completion of all the Tour Flights within normal parameters. Less than -600fpm. No slewing or crashes.
Sunday Funday Participant Thanks for joining us for Sunday Funday on 11/5/2023!
Featured Regional Flight Completion! 100 Exp Pt Bonus
Trans Con October 2023 Successful completion of the required TransCon route from KSAN to KMCO during the event time. Completers receive 250 EXP points. ACARS must be active for the flight to receive credit, and landing rate must conform to PNW standards. No slewing forward on the flight.