The Pacific Northwest Excellence Awards

At Pacific Northwest, we love to appreciate the hard work and dedication of our pilots. Every month, we award one pilot for their piloting excellence. A pilot who has flown at least two hours, one with a great overall pilot score, and someone who is active in the PNW community. This includes activity in the Discord, Facebook Group, and Instagram. For the winners, we want to thank you all for your incredible loyalty to the airline, and we hope that we can continue to provide you with quality service, liveries, and more.

Pacific Northwest Excellence Award: September 2022 In September, many of our pilots showed their best. Not only their best performance, but the most flights we have ever achieved. This pilot joined us earlier this month and has been the backbone of Pacific Northwest's success this month. After over 20 flights were completed this month, congratulations Kenneth L. (PNW107) on winning this month's excellence award!
Pacific Northwest Excellence Award: August 2022 After lots of consideration by Pacific Northwest staff members, we have finally made our conclusion for the PNW Excellence Award for August 2022. This pilot just recently started flying again and has made substantial progress since his start at the beginning of the month. After a few training sessions and a lot of flying, we are happy to say that Oliver Rose is our amazing pilot for the month.
PNW Excellence Award: July 2022 Congratulations to Michael Raymond on winning this month's Excellence Award!